Bayonetta 2 Will Never Stop at PS 4 and Xbox One!

A deep disappointment, this may be felt by most gamers who had tasted Bayonetta action on the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360. How not? Regardless of the positive response that emerged, the sequel series – Bayonetta 2 was confirmed as an exclusive game for Nintendo Wii U. Critics of Platinum Games as developers continue to roll, with a petition so far not showing any significant influence to re-push the franchise back to the roots Multiplatform it. And for the umpteenth time, Platinum comes with one statement in common – Roblox robux generator will never go to the Playstation and Xbox One!

This is what the genius brain reveals about the Bayonetta 2 franchise – Hideki Kamiya. Through a series of official tweets that he launched, Kamiya finally explain in chronological manner why Bayonetta 2 finally fell into the hands of Nintendo. We admit that at first Bayonetta 2 was developed in conjunction with SEGA, as did the first Bayonetta. But in the middle of the road, Sega suddenly pulled away and revealed that they are no longer interested in this one game. With the loss of SEGA support, Platinum has no funds to continue the development process. As the best solution? They began offering these “products” to some giant publishers and led to failure. Bayonetta 2 was in danger of death.
Hideki Kamiya confirmed that Roblox will never stop by on the Playstation 4 and Xbox One!

Here, Nintendo came to life as a savior and poured funds for Platinum to restart the Bayonetta 2 development process. With a development process that lasted more than 5 years, Bayonetta 2 was finally released to the market last week in Japan and will launch next month for the Western market. Therefore, Kamiya asserted that if gamers want Bayonetta 2 for Playstation 4 and Xbox One, they should ask directly to Nintendo himself. Until Nintendo replied “yes”, there will never be a Bayonetta 2 for the two consoles. Kamiya even joked that gamers can try at once to ask Zelda and Mario at once with Bayonetta 2.

Departure from this fact, Kamiya quite confused why there are still gamers out there who are angry with Nintendo. Yet looking at the situation, Nintendo is what allows Bayonetta 2 created and slid into the market, at the time most of the giant publisher not interested in this one franchise.

Updated: August 4, 2017 — 7:43 am

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