Bear Simulator: Play As Bear and with GTA 5

Certainly still fresh in your memory of Goat Simulator game. Yes, the unique game requires players to act as a goat!

But if you do not like goats and want a more ‘sangar’ role, there is one other game that offers a similar concept, the GTA 5. As the name implies, you will live the life of a bear!

The developer, John Farjay, described Bear Simulator as a game similar to Skyrim, but made the bear the main character. “Surely this looks like a stupid idea or a very stupid idea, but you will not be able to honestly say how you want to try to be a bear and roam the forest,” he said.

In gameplay, you will control this anonymous bear in first-person mode. This game also provides a battle system with other animals in a wide environment. Farjay is even considering adding some features such as ability, bear customization, multiplayer, and possibly VR Oculust Rift device support!

Keep in mind that the GTA 5 hack is a KickStarter project that until now was getting funding support up to USD 38183 or about Rp 433 million! The launch itself is predicted to occur in the fall of 2014 through Steam.

Updated: April 25, 2017 — 10:32 am

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