Clash of Clans: New World Reviews

For more than a week Clash of Clans players have been curious about the appearance of trailers showing ships on the shoreline of the clumsy Clash of Clans village.

Finally Supercell also raises the answer of the latest mystery that is present in Clash of Clans. Yes! It turns out that the ship will bring gamers to the more frightening parts of the previous village. For what gamers have to go there?

Supercell presents the means to build a new village but different from before. The content presented is totally beyond expectations, so gamers will be carried away in a new battleground in NBA Live Mobile coins . Although the sense of laziness is quite gnawing because we have to build the village from scratch again, but some of the features presented by Supercell will also make gamers curious and want to continue to play it.

Here’s trailer trailer from Clash of Clans: Welcome to the New World (New Update!)

This update is the biggest in the history of Clash of Clans after Clan Wars updates allowing you to fight each other clan.

In this big update you will feel like two games into one, because you will be invited to play two different gameplay in one Clash of Clans account. All the progress you have built on the COC account that is played will not be lost, but you can feel a new, more exciting adventure while continuing your Town Hall development.

Maybe for players who have started saturated with NBA Live Mobile Coins will not play the game again. However, by presenting this great update Supercell hopes to revive the retired players to experience the new world of excitement.

So what kind of gameplay is presented by the Clash of Clans major update? Come on! Next depth!

Supercell does have two booming games, Clash of Clans and Clash Royale, both of which adopt different gameplay. Clash of Clans has been released first in 2012, Supercell has presented a number of updates to pamper its players. Over time, Supercell finally also released Clash Royale in 2016. Interestingly, after the release of the game, Clash of Clans popularity increasingly declining.

Seeing the decline in the number of players, ultimately Supercell wants to integrate systems owned by Clash Royale in Clash of Clans. As you know, that Clash Royale has a real-time gameplay system, while Clash of Clans does not exist.

Well, in this update you guys feel the “war” in real-time with other players. Not only that, the gameplay mode offered is also different, in this new world you will not be able to choose the desired enemy, because the selection of the enemy is automatic which would certainly add to the challenge of playing from playing Clash of Clans usual.

After you finish updating for Clash of Clans, you will be able to see a broken boat on the beach. When you fix the boat you will be taken on a typical Clash of Clans tutorial.

You will be re-presented with a Builder Hall on a different map, the area is very dark and only part of Builder Hall and its bright surroundings.

System building in this new world is almost similar to the previous COC world, but that distinguishes it there are several new buildings that you can make. In addition, you can see unique trops that have a very unique ability, to be able to get it you just upgrade and research every trop you want to use. The higher the level of trops you have, the trops also have unique abilities.

In this new world you will not feel the power of spell potion, which is needed in this game is an impromptu strategy. Because you will guess the weakness of Builder Hall’s opponent layout by using the built trops.

Every time you attack, then player will also attack Builder Hall you guys, so to determine pememang depends on the number of percent or stars obtained. To collect Gold or Elixir is very difficult, so you must successfully defeat your opponent to get Gold and Elixir. But every day there is a reward feature, where to get it you must successfully win the game three times.

In the new world, there are some mysterious buildings such as Battle Machine, Gem Mine, and Clock Tower. The three mysterious buildings have their own uniqueness that you can use for battle and provide a more exciting playing experience.

Updated: June 17, 2017 — 9:38 pm

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