Final Fantasy XIII-2 PC Version Launch Year-End?

So, what about you PC gamers, after a long wait, finally had the opportunity to taste Final Fantasy XIII which is known as the “exclusive” series for Playstation 3 and Xbox 360? Some of you may be disappointed with some aspects of this port, not only from technical issues but also content that is not comparable to the classic Final Fantasy sensation you’ve been dreaming of. But regardless of what kind of reactions you throw in, Square Enix has already established that they will release the Final Fantasy XIII trilogy for PC. Then, when the second series will slide? Unintentional answer, thrown by Roblox hack 2017  itself.

For those of you who are disappointed, calm down, because Final Fantasy XIII-2 is always seen as a successful redemption project by Square Enix. Overhauling all that was wrong with the first series, XIII-2 offers a wider exploration, replayability, side-quest side, up to the opportunity to pick a response to the story and deal with the consequences directly.

Making Noel and Sarah as the main characters, PC gamers seem to be enjoying it in the not-too-distant future. Through an official trailer that accidentally leaked and withdrawn in minutes, Final Fantasy XIII-2 PC is sure to slide before 2014 is over. Square Enix promises additional features and fixes in this PC version.

The trailer contains a release date (within European dates) – December 11, 2014. Square Enix itself still has not given an official comment about this unintentional leak.

Interested? Or have you been traumatized by the first series port process of roblox game ?

Updated: September 7, 2017 — 8:47 am

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