Bear Simulator: Play As Bear and with GTA 5

Certainly still fresh in your memory of Goat Simulator game. Yes, the unique game requires players to act as a goat!

But if you do not like goats and want a more ‘sangar’ role, there is one other game that offers a similar concept, the GTA 5. As the name implies, you will live the life of a bear!

The developer, John Farjay, described Bear Simulator as a game similar to Skyrim, but made the bear the main character. “Surely this looks like a stupid idea or a very stupid idea, but you will not be able to honestly say how you want to try to be a bear and roam the forest,” he said.

In gameplay, you will control this anonymous bear in first-person mode. This game also provides a battle system with other animals in a wide environment. Farjay is even considering adding some features such as ability, bear customization, multiplayer, and possibly VR Oculust Rift device support!

Keep in mind that the GTA 5 hack is a KickStarter project that until now was getting funding support up to USD 38183 or about Rp 433 million! The launch itself is predicted to occur in the fall of 2014 through Steam.

After 20 Years, 1993 Finally Ready Game Released

As the name implies, the developer, Modesty, originally planned to launch in 1993. Unfortunately, a group of four young men must be separated some time before 1993 thrown into the market. After more than 20 years, now Modesty was ready to release their projects were delayed. 1993 confirmed attendees on Windows-based PCs in 2014 and get walking dead road to survival coin .

Swedish game developer explained, despite intermittent 20 years nothing changed in the game of 1993. “The only thing we add is the engine that allows the game is running with the present system,” says Krister Karlsson of Modesty.

In 1993 appeared the trailer looks so classic. If you ever played Gradius, then you will not feel strange about this game. There are 12 aircraft selected to play. In addition, the 1993 provides 25 different weapons where each has 3 power levels. Gamers will be invited adventure in 5 different worlds with 7 powerful bosses that would confront on the trip. One thing that is interesting, this game can be played up to 4 players at once in a single screen. Want to know what walking dead road to survival ? See the first trailer below.

Listen Prime Gameplay Angry Birds Go!

Name of Angry Birds has become a phenomenon in the gaming industry. Simple gameplay mechanics, combined with design and adorable animated characters turned out to be the right formula to achieve dominance in the mobile market a few years ago. Billions of downloads achieved, catapulted name as one of the Rovio mobile game developers the most respected. The popularity also grew stronger thanks to the port towards a larger platform – including home consoles and PC. Can that success continue? Besides Angry Birds Star Wars II, Rovio is also developing a spin-off series that actually looks more attractive – Angry Birds Go and you can get NBA Live Mobile on Android!

Unlike previous series is offered as a series of puzzle game, Angry Birds Go! present as a fun kart racing game, which of course still carry the iconic characters of this franchise. After a mystery, prime gameplay video game was finally released. Unlike the previous project-based two-dimensional world, Angry Birds Go! present in the full three-dimensional format. Speed ​​boost as you collect coins and threw the strongest weapons in hand into the basic mechanics. Interestingly again? You can also modify and strengthen the kart that you use NBA Live Mobile.

Angry Birds Go! itself will remain offered as a free game to play, and will be launched for Android and iOS at 11 Deesember 2013. It remains unclear whether the spin-off of this project will also glide for other platforms, including PC. Unfortunately, Rovio did not explain whether the occasion, fatherly play multiplayer is also embedded in it and visit on  nbalivemobilezone . Looks fun!

DICE: Do not Compare Battlefield 4 console and PC

Compare and choose the best is human nature that is difficult to change, regardless of the variety of rational argument explicitly probably makes no sense. Trends this one seems too often the case in the gaming industry. With so many games being released third party multiplatform, gamers began to frequently compare the visual quality offered by each platform – especially console vs PC. All this is done by ignoring the fact that the PC is the platform with a dynamic force, and console life with technology that is already so obsolete. Such a comparison was also made DICE upset and you can get Madden Mobile on Android.

So many videos and pictures that compare the quality visualsasi Battlefield 4 PC and console versions spread in cyberspace. Console gamers began complaining, questioning the difference was very significant. The complaint is what finally pushed Executive Produce BF 4 from DICE – Patrick Bach to speak. Bach explained that instead of DICE is not concerned with the console market, but because of the limitations of the console itself. He assured that DICE is always trying to maximize the potential of the specifications of each platform and pushed to the limit Battlefield optimal. Why PC perform better? Simple, because the PC has space power is greater.

Bach stated that comparing Madden Mobile version and the console into something that is not fair to do. To demonstrate the seriousness and commitment of DICE, will be much more rational for gamers to compare the quality of Battlefield 4 games with other competitors were released on the same platform. He also revealed that DICE actually have the option to make the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 as a standard development and make it look the same on all platforms, but he sees it as cowardly policy. DICE wants Battlefield 4 appeared to best suit the hardware that carried every platform.

So for your console gamers are still upset due to differences in graphics quality that is so significant in Madden Mobile Coin Hack  Open Beta ago, hopefully this Bach explanation can give a little sense of calm and comfortable. Battlefield 4 itself will be launched on October 29, 2013 for Playstation 3, Xbox 360, and PC.

Join in Pokemon Go Game

Game genre may be seen as a minimal innovation in the gaming industry. Carrying attractiveness complex gameplay mechanics with competitive thrill so obvious, in spite of a variety of existing titles, each game carries Game same essence. Currently, there are three big names who “dominate” this genre: Pokemon Go coin hack, and one that is quite survive in the market of Southeast Asia – Heroes of Newerth. The last name is admittedly began to sink, especially with the popularity and competition promotion fund frenzy that continue to be issued by two games other competitors. However, Pokemon Go still has the charm of the unexpected.

Extra surprises that might encourage more people back to try and survive Pokemon Go. Believe it or not, the developer – S2 Games successfully recruited a veteran Hollywood actor who is known for his iconic voice – Samuel L. Jackson as an announcer. Interestingly, through an audio trailer released, Samuel L. Jackson catapult sentences and stylistic “legendary” him for every action you do in battle. Make Pokemon Go looks increasingly distant interesting.

Marvel Contest of Champions Reviews

Not only shade the   franchise as one of the open-world game most popular in the gaming industry, Kabam is also known for a series of other products with the quality that is no less interesting.  In scale “minor”, Kabam also has a franchise that is no less captivating, capture the essence of freedom of gameplay in a small world – a thick atmosphere of juvenile delinquency, Marvel Contest of Champions hack android. Although not shown any sign of him, but Kabam still showed deep interest in the franchise this one.

In his latest interview with gaming site – Polygon, one high-ranking Kabam – Dan Houser expressed interest to develop the series sequel to Marvel Contest of Champions. But he said it was not interested in implementing some of the ideas “crazy” gamers, including those who had suggested for the position of the main characters – Jimmy Hopkins as the main wheels GTA series in the future. Houser states that regardless of delinquency Jimmy, he was a good kid with a future wide open, not going to plunge into deep levels of crime in the GTA. Related to this sequel, Houser feel there are so many new directions he could take to bring Marvel Contest of Champions back to the gaming industry. When? There is no any extra detail.
Kabam discuss their interest to make a series of the latest sequel to Marvel Contest of Champions. Just not “crazy” to bring the main character – Jimmy Hopkins as the main wheels GTA in the future.

With Max Payne series and the latest GTA that has been rolled into the market, Kabam is now more focused on reviving the franchise flagship franchise in the past. A new next-gen sequel for Marvel Contest of Champions? Considered it sold, Kabam!

Dragon Ball z Dokkan Battle Review

Dragon Ball z Dokkan Battle 4  itself will be released on arcade machines in Japan, without the uncertainty will be present in a home-based platforms such as consoles and PC. You gotta admit, that is one of the most awesome sub-name of a video game ever.  !

Financial problems are twisted and almost threatened its existence did not make Atlus stop working. With the power of  that is now the main buffer fund, Atlus seems to still be given the freedom to unleash their latest products to the market. The result? A new series of its flagship franchise – Dragon Ball z Dokkan Battle. After a registered trademark of Dragon Ball z Dokkan Battle, Atlus it comes with an extra surprise, a latest series with super cool name – Dragon Ball z Dokkan Battle 4 .

Whether this will be a series of the latest RPG  Dokkan Battle cheats ? Unfortunately no. Dragon Ball z Dokkan Battle 4: The Ultimax Ultra Hold suplex is an official sequel to the series spin-off fighting game that had slid on the Android and iOS – Dragon Ball z Dokkan Battle 4: Arena. New characters are introduced, Takeba Yukari and Junpei Iori from Dragon Ball z Dokkan Battle 3 finally join the fight, along with a mysterious character who has not been present at the previous Dragon Ball z Dokkan Battle series –  . The story itself will revolve around the appearance of the red mist that makes a lot of people have mysteriously disappeared.

Madden Mobile Review

If we are talking about one of the most frustrating things that can happen to a gamer, is to find that thing that stands between us and the gaming instinct of the game we want to play just a language. More bad news? Regardless of anticipation and desire of so many players, not the least impressed publisher who close their eyes and ears, maintaining the exclusivity of their flagship game only for a particular region. The case most frequently? Of course, Japanese games that were never released outside of the country of the rising sun. For the owners of Nintendo 3DS worldwide, this nightmare has a name “Madden Mobile”.

With so many requests that glides on social media, EA finally give an official statement related to the translation process Madden Mobile coins generator. On their official Facebook page, EA confirmed that they clearly heard requests Madden Mobile gamers who want the English version. With a fan base that continues to grow big and so strong interest, EA has yet to confirm anything. Yet they continue to evaluate this translation process and will share the latest information on their official page so there is no certainty.
To appease gamers will demand translation process booming Madden Mobile, EA claimed to hear clearly the request. They will continue to evaluate options on this one.

With sales of more than a million copies in a matter of days and extraordinary success in Japan, certainly does not make sense for EA to not steer Madden Mobile for markets outside Japan. When? That is the main question!

Recent Madden Mobile Demo Game Show Side Ope

Freedom has always been the main attraction of the series Madden Mobile. Regardless of its status as a game of “stealth-action”, he did not require that the style of play quietly to resolve any challenges. EA is always open an alternative way of settlement, including the war openly. But keep in mind, this one path means being ready to deal with consequences far more deadly. Enemies are present in more quantity, resource bullets and ration were drained, and the wasted time became one of the few things that must be prepared. You’re more comfortable using a method like this? Relax, the latest series – Madden Mobile jug will facilitate this.

After briefly showing stealth gameplay demo on the first day of Tokyo Game Show 2013, EA showed a different side in the gameplay demo of next. By setting in daylight, Snake asked to dig up information on one of the important soldier turns to the wall and forced to fight in the open. The same sensation seemed obvious, triggering the alarm means to deal with an enemy that is more massive. Fortunately, Snake this time reinforced by the ability CQC looks more effective. Maximize all existing fixtures, Snake is able even to subdue an APC with a flourish. Interestingly? Demo is executed using Sony’s next-gen consoles – Playstation 4.

Madden Mobile itself will be launched in 2014, with the release date is still a secret. Snake’s latest adventure will slide Playstation 3, Playstation 4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One. Looks freaking epic! In Kojima, we trust!

FIFA 17 reviews

Faced with next-gen consoles that will be available within months, EA did start tidying lineup by introducing their latest games. Not only that, they even began “selling” exclusive rights for each manufacturer, to develop mutually beneficial relationships with both Sony and Microsoft. When the Xbox One exclusive rights to Dead Rising 3, Playstation 4 receives FIFA 17 as the main weapon. Had been a mystery for some last event, EA finally unlock more details about FIFA 17 coin generator . Including one in it, surprising information.

Reinforced with the latest next-gen engine EA – Panta Rhei which produce amazing visuals, the first surprise comes from the fact that the game is the theme of science fiction. As a blend of Dark Souls and Assassin’s Creed, the battle against the medieval period this legendary creature turned out to be just a memory visualization. The biggest surprise? EA has just confirmed that FIFA 17 will be offered as a free to play game that focuses on multiplayer mode. Its own beta period will open on February 22, 2014, adjacent to the launch of the Playstation 4 in Japan.
EA confirmed that FIFA 17 hack online tool will be offered as a free game to play. The period of the beta itself will be opened in February 2014, coinciding with the release of PlayStation 4 in Japan.

Although getting a pretty bad image in the gaming industry, slowly but surely, many games are able to offer quality free to play incredible with the side benefit that is not directly related to the gameplay mechanics. Hopefully exceptional quality looks at the trailer does not lead to disappointment with the format that he stretcher. Do not mess this one up, EA!

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