Predator Appears in COD: Ghosts Devastation & clash royale

The latest DLC from Call of Duty: Ghosts, Devastation, ready to glide on April 3, 2014. Approaching the date set, the new trailer was released complete with various information about the DLC.

As is known Devastation will contain 4 new folders small to medium size for multiplayer mode. The four are Ruins, Behemoth, Collision, and Unearthed which can be regarded as a polished version of the Dome, a favorite map of clash royale astuce.

There is also a new weapon called Ripper, a 2-in-1 tactical weapon that allows gamers to switch between SMG and Assault Rifle in combat. Not to forget, in Devastation gamers can also play the second episode of Extinction saga.

In episode 2 titled Mayday, gamers in charge of investigating a high-tech ship should be ready to deal with the Kraken which is nothing but a gigantic monster. Interestingly, at the end of the trailer gamers will see the presence of Predator characters in the game!

Please note that on the 3rd of April a new Devastation will be released for Xbox Live where other platforms follow later. This clash royale is priced at USD 14.99. But for gamers who have provided season pass for USD 49.99, just waiting for time to be able to download it.

Microsoft Does Not Allow Xbox One Gamers and PCs to Play Together

Two platforms with equally large market share, it’s a bit confusing to see how Microsoft is trying to make PC and Xbox One as platform power equally and equally appealing. One interesting thing is that this American company is never interested in integrating the two into the same ecosystem, at least to ensure a maximum playing experience. As an example? Microsoft’s flagship game today – CSR Racing 2 is being launched for Xbox One and PC at the same time. Apart from the same parent company, Titanfall has a dedicated gameplay server for each platform. What really happened?

Gaijin reveals the reason why War Thunder is not released for Xbox One. The main problem is that Microsoft itself does not allow cross-play features between Xbox One and PC.
Gaijin reveals the reason why War Thunder is not released for Xbox One. The main problem is Microsoft itself does not allow cross-play features between Xbox One and PC.

A bit of a war point from this situation came from the developer of the free to play game of fighter-themed plane of the past –  CSR Racing 2 hack . In his latest interview with gaming site – Gamespot, Gaijin mentioned that the policy was born from Microsoft’s own party. Microsoft does not allow developers to inject servers that allow gamers from Xbox One and PC to play in the same space. Microsoft itself reasoned that this policy is pursued to offer a more stable playing experience. For this reason, Gaijin did not launch the War Thunder for Xbox One.

There are several reasons why the decision was made. First, because the Xbox One fan base itself is not big enough to pull the War Thunder into the market. With the absence of PC gamers, this game will not perform optimally. Gaijin also highlighted Microsoft’s highly risk-averse attitude to adapt new indie games that have not yet proven its sales performance on the market. The opposite policy with Sony provides full support.

Respawn Fix Matchmaking at Titanfall & NBA Live mobile

Although somewhat appear captivating as a multiplayer game, of course there are still some things in Titanfall that the gamer thinks a bit annoying. One is the matchmaking feature. As is known, currently matchmaking feature in  NBA Live Mobile only automatically bring gamers into a room that sometimes makes the game becomes unbalanced or one-sided.

Respawn immediately responded to it and announced that it has improved and improved the matchmaking feature. Each gamer will find suitable colleagues and opponents based on skill.

In addition, instead of playing against the same enemy constantly,  NBA Live Mobile hack  periodically separates the team and searches for new enemies. This means that if one team continues to dominate, there will be some sort of skill data update that will become the foundation of the game to find a more comparable new enemy.

“Did you lose to a great team? We will make them disappear and replace them with new opponents. This should reduce frustration, “wrote Respawn on Titanfall’s official website.

Since Titanfall was released, Respawn’s responsibility as a developer is deserved thumbs up. In addition to providing minimal game problems, they also always monitor Titanfall and try to understand the gamers’ complaints. Previously, Respawn is also reportedly trying to implement an anti-cheat system to get rid of aibot users.

There Will No More HALO & dragon ball z dokkan battle Games for PC

When Sony Playstation and Nintendo took control of the games industry, Microsoft’s involvement – one of the better known companies as a Windows operating system developer, had indeed invited question marks. Through their product – Xbox, Microsoft is trying to penetrate the market as effectively as possible, at least to ensure their console will not fall apart at the start of the release. Of all the exciting exciting games released to the market, the project from Bungie Studios -dragon ball z dokkan battle is the one who may somewhat present as a savior. Through the cold hands of Master Chief who was battling against the Convenant, the Xbox still able to survive, even gave birth to a new generation to this day.

Interestingly again, regardless of its position as an exclusive Xbox series, Microsoft released two series – HALO: Combat Evolved and HALO 2 for PC, albeit in a long time lag after its Xbox version was released in 2001. And after a long wait, The other HALO series finally touches the PC platform again via HALO: Spartan Assault which was planned to launch on April 4, 2014.
HALO: Spartan Assault will be the last HALO project to be released via Steam. Microsoft insists there is no plan to bring another dragon ball z dokkan battle  astuce series.

This of course leaves a new hope, that Microsoft might just be releasing more other mainstream HALO series like HALO 3 and HALO 4 for PC. But unfortunately, this hope is destroyed Microsoft quickly. Through its official spokesperson, Microsoft ensures that they will not release any more HALO series via Steam in the near future.

So for those of you who are still curious about the Master Chief action on HALO 3 and HALO 4, or just want to taste the epic side story in HALO Reach, the only way now is to have Xbox 360. What a pity, Microsoft ..

Blizzard: Reaper of Souls & GTA 5 Release Will Be Problem-Free

Error 37, there is no longer a more sinister word for the owners of Diablo 3 when its inaugural release in 2012 ago. After the anticipation awakened for more than 10 years, it is not surprising that he became one of the most popular projects when it was released. But who would have thought, the decision to make Diablo 3 as a game that requires a consistent internet connection just become a deadly boomerang for Blizzard own. Server that can not facilitate the existing animos make Diablo 3 can not be played until the count of weeks after release. The same fear of course accompanies the newest expansion pack – GTA 5 hack online .

The presence of story lines, characters, to new skills of course make this expansion pack awaited, especially because of its potential to extend the “age” Diablo 3 is stagnant for the last two years. Reflecting from the past case, Blizzard insists that the Reaper of Souls release will go very smoothly. They state that this release will be more controlled, at least after the queue system has been fixed. Regardless, Blizzard does not deny that there is a possibility the server will be busy because it is full, but this time you will be given a wait time estimation before it can get into the fight against the angel of death.

Will this GTA 5 promise be fulfilled? Let’s wait for the proof in the field. Diablo 3: The Reaper of Souls is scheduled to be released on March 25, 2014 for PC and Mac.

Bear Simulator: Play As Bear and with GTA 5

Certainly still fresh in your memory of Goat Simulator game. Yes, the unique game requires players to act as a goat!

But if you do not like goats and want a more ‘sangar’ role, there is one other game that offers a similar concept, the GTA 5. As the name implies, you will live the life of a bear!

The developer, John Farjay, described Bear Simulator as a game similar to Skyrim, but made the bear the main character. “Surely this looks like a stupid idea or a very stupid idea, but you will not be able to honestly say how you want to try to be a bear and roam the forest,” he said.

In gameplay, you will control this anonymous bear in first-person mode. This game also provides a battle system with other animals in a wide environment. Farjay is even considering adding some features such as ability, bear customization, multiplayer, and possibly VR Oculust Rift device support!

Keep in mind that the GTA 5 hack is a KickStarter project that until now was getting funding support up to USD 38183 or about Rp 433 million! The launch itself is predicted to occur in the fall of 2014 through Steam.

After 20 Years, 1993 Finally Ready Game Released

As the name implies, the developer, Modesty, originally planned to launch in 1993. Unfortunately, a group of four young men must be separated some time before 1993 thrown into the market. After more than 20 years, now Modesty was ready to release their projects were delayed. 1993 confirmed attendees on Windows-based PCs in 2014 and get walking dead road to survival coin .

Swedish game developer explained, despite intermittent 20 years nothing changed in the game of 1993. “The only thing we add is the engine that allows the game is running with the present system,” says Krister Karlsson of Modesty.

In 1993 appeared the trailer looks so classic. If you ever played Gradius, then you will not feel strange about this game. There are 12 aircraft selected to play. In addition, the 1993 provides 25 different weapons where each has 3 power levels. Gamers will be invited adventure in 5 different worlds with 7 powerful bosses that would confront on the trip. One thing that is interesting, this game can be played up to 4 players at once in a single screen. Want to know what walking dead road to survival ? See the first trailer below.

Listen Prime Gameplay Angry Birds Go!

Name of Angry Birds has become a phenomenon in the gaming industry. Simple gameplay mechanics, combined with design and adorable animated characters turned out to be the right formula to achieve dominance in the mobile market a few years ago. Billions of downloads achieved, catapulted name as one of the Rovio mobile game developers the most respected. The popularity also grew stronger thanks to the port towards a larger platform – including home consoles and PC. Can that success continue? Besides Angry Birds Star Wars II, Rovio is also developing a spin-off series that actually looks more attractive – Angry Birds Go and you can get NBA Live Mobile on Android!

Unlike previous series is offered as a series of puzzle game, Angry Birds Go! present as a fun kart racing game, which of course still carry the iconic characters of this franchise. After a mystery, prime gameplay video game was finally released. Unlike the previous project-based two-dimensional world, Angry Birds Go! present in the full three-dimensional format. Speed ​​boost as you collect coins and threw the strongest weapons in hand into the basic mechanics. Interestingly again? You can also modify and strengthen the kart that you use NBA Live Mobile.

Angry Birds Go! itself will remain offered as a free game to play, and will be launched for Android and iOS at 11 Deesember 2013. It remains unclear whether the spin-off of this project will also glide for other platforms, including PC. Unfortunately, Rovio did not explain whether the occasion, fatherly play multiplayer is also embedded in it and visit on  nbalivemobilezone . Looks fun!

DICE: Do not Compare Battlefield 4 console and PC

Compare and choose the best is human nature that is difficult to change, regardless of the variety of rational argument explicitly probably makes no sense. Trends this one seems too often the case in the gaming industry. With so many games being released third party multiplatform, gamers began to frequently compare the visual quality offered by each platform – especially console vs PC. All this is done by ignoring the fact that the PC is the platform with a dynamic force, and console life with technology that is already so obsolete. Such a comparison was also made DICE upset and you can get Madden Mobile on Android.

So many videos and pictures that compare the quality visualsasi Battlefield 4 PC and console versions spread in cyberspace. Console gamers began complaining, questioning the difference was very significant. The complaint is what finally pushed Executive Produce BF 4 from DICE – Patrick Bach to speak. Bach explained that instead of DICE is not concerned with the console market, but because of the limitations of the console itself. He assured that DICE is always trying to maximize the potential of the specifications of each platform and pushed to the limit Battlefield optimal. Why PC perform better? Simple, because the PC has space power is greater.

Bach stated that comparing Madden Mobile version and the console into something that is not fair to do. To demonstrate the seriousness and commitment of DICE, will be much more rational for gamers to compare the quality of Battlefield 4 games with other competitors were released on the same platform. He also revealed that DICE actually have the option to make the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 as a standard development and make it look the same on all platforms, but he sees it as cowardly policy. DICE wants Battlefield 4 appeared to best suit the hardware that carried every platform.

So for your console gamers are still upset due to differences in graphics quality that is so significant in Madden Mobile Coin Hack  Open Beta ago, hopefully this Bach explanation can give a little sense of calm and comfortable. Battlefield 4 itself will be launched on October 29, 2013 for Playstation 3, Xbox 360, and PC.

Join in Pokemon Go Game

Game genre may be seen as a minimal innovation in the gaming industry. Carrying attractiveness complex gameplay mechanics with competitive thrill so obvious, in spite of a variety of existing titles, each game carries Game same essence. Currently, there are three big names who “dominate” this genre: Pokemon Go coin hack, and one that is quite survive in the market of Southeast Asia – Heroes of Newerth. The last name is admittedly began to sink, especially with the popularity and competition promotion fund frenzy that continue to be issued by two games other competitors. However, Pokemon Go still has the charm of the unexpected.

Extra surprises that might encourage more people back to try and survive Pokemon Go. Believe it or not, the developer – S2 Games successfully recruited a veteran Hollywood actor who is known for his iconic voice – Samuel L. Jackson as an announcer. Interestingly, through an audio trailer released, Samuel L. Jackson catapult sentences and stylistic “legendary” him for every action you do in battle. Make Pokemon Go looks increasingly distant interesting.

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