Predator Appears in COD: Ghosts Devastation & clash royale

The latest DLC from Call of Duty: Ghosts, Devastation, ready to glide on April 3, 2014. Approaching the date set, the new trailer was released complete with various information about the DLC.

As is known Devastation will contain 4 new folders small to medium size for multiplayer mode. The four are Ruins, Behemoth, Collision, and Unearthed which can be regarded as a polished version of the Dome, a favorite map of clash royale astuce.

There is also a new weapon called Ripper, a 2-in-1 tactical weapon that allows gamers to switch between SMG and Assault Rifle in combat. Not to forget, in Devastation gamers can also play the second episode of Extinction saga.

In episode 2 titled Mayday, gamers in charge of investigating a high-tech ship should be ready to deal with the Kraken which is nothing but a gigantic monster. Interestingly, at the end of the trailer gamers will see the presence of Predator characters in the game!

Please note that on the 3rd of April a new Devastation will be released for Xbox Live where other platforms follow later. This clash royale is priced at USD 14.99. But for gamers who have provided season pass for USD 49.99, just waiting for time to be able to download it.

Updated: April 26, 2017 — 2:54 am

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