Respawn Fix Matchmaking at Titanfall & NBA Live mobile

Although somewhat appear captivating as a multiplayer game, of course there are still some things in Titanfall that the gamer thinks a bit annoying. One is the matchmaking feature. As is known, currently matchmaking feature in  NBA Live Mobile only automatically bring gamers into a room that sometimes makes the game becomes unbalanced or one-sided.

Respawn immediately responded to it and announced that it has improved and improved the matchmaking feature. Each gamer will find suitable colleagues and opponents based on skill.

In addition, instead of playing against the same enemy constantly,  NBA Live Mobile hack  periodically separates the team and searches for new enemies. This means that if one team continues to dominate, there will be some sort of skill data update that will become the foundation of the game to find a more comparable new enemy.

“Did you lose to a great team? We will make them disappear and replace them with new opponents. This should reduce frustration, “wrote Respawn on Titanfall’s official website.

Since Titanfall was released, Respawn’s responsibility as a developer is deserved thumbs up. In addition to providing minimal game problems, they also always monitor Titanfall and try to understand the gamers’ complaints. Previously, Respawn is also reportedly trying to implement an anti-cheat system to get rid of aibot users.

Updated: April 25, 2017 — 10:46 am

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